Towny is the claim plugin you can use to protect your things on the server. If you have never used Towny before we recommend reading this page to get started.

Towny uses a chunk-based claiming system. Meaning when you claim a plot you claim a chunk. A chunk is 16 times 16 and from bedrock to the sky limit. You can display these chunks by holding F3 and pressing G, to remove them again do F3 + G again.

Creating a new town
Remember that where you stand while typing the create a town command, is where your town will be created. Therefore you need to stand where you want the claim to be, before you enter the command.

To found a new town you need to type /t new {name of town}. This will cost you 2500$. The name of the town needs to be in one word and cannot contain letters like æ, ø or å. If you want to change the name of the town later you can do so by typing /t set {new name}.

To claim more land you need to put money into the account of your town. The command to put in money is /t deposit {amount} and you can take money back out with /t withdraw {amount}. It costs 250$ to claim a new piece of land.
When you have enough money to claim, go to where you want to expand your town and type /t claim. You need to be outside, but in a connected chunk of your town to be able to claim more land.

To claim a new claim away from the town you need to buy an outpost. As with the town the outpost will be claimed where you stand when you send the command. Type /t claim outpost to claim. This costs 5000$ out of your towns account.

On previous versions of Konsole you needed to pay taxes to keep the town up and running. This no longer applies, and no money will be taken from the towns account.

Invite residents to your town by sending them an invite with /t add {player}. The resident then needs to accept your invite. You can also make anyone able to join your town using /t toggle open. Anyone who joins the server and is not a member of another town can then join yours by typing /t join {name of town}.
If you accidentally invited someone into the town who is a hazard to your precious plants you can kick them out with /t kick {player}.

To let other players build in the towny you can choose between two options, sell them a single plot, or make them co-owner which gives them access to everything in the town, including deleting it. To give someone the co-owner rank you need to be the mayor and type /t rank add {player} coowner. To remove the rank use remove instead of add.

If you choose to sell players plots you need to understand that a plot is not a size you set yourself. The plot is always a chunk, 16×16 and you can view the chunk by pressing F3+G.
To sell a plot type /plot fs {amount}, the player who wants to buy the plot needs to be standing in the plot and type /plot claim to claim it as his own. If you no longer want to sell the plot, stand on it and type /plot nfs.

^ Above is a chunk shown using F3+G. 

If residents want to live in the same plot, one of them needs to own the plot and add the other as a friend. You can do this by typing /res friends add {playername}. If you want to remove the friend use remove instead of add.

Everyone that is a member of a town can deposit money into the town bank, which is used for claiming more land. Type /t deposit {amount} to put money into the account. Remember that only mayors and co-owners can take money out of the bank again using /t withdraw {amount}.

This page was originally written by itsNikolai11, but has been translated and modified by Nesseley.